The first annual Know Your Watershed Week will celebrate the Yuba, Bear and American River watersheds with many activities including school programs, hikes, restoration activities, bioblitzes, poetry, a run, and more throughout the three watersheds, April 28 -May 6, 2018. There will be many ways that you can be involved as a volunteer for an event or as a participant. To know your watershed is to love it.

Throughout the week, adults and children will be able to learn which watershed they live in, know more about the organizations that support conservation of the creeks and rivers, and have enjoyable outdoor experiences in the watershed of their choice. Many local schools will participate in local watershed activities put on by several participating organizations.

Checkout the Calendar of Events and Happenings for the Week and Find Your Watershed on the Know Your Watershed Interactive Story Map below.

Do you get your water from a well or a reservoir? If it comes from a well your water comes from groundwater (water stored underground). Where do you think groundwater comes from? If your water comes from a reservoir, which reservoir does it come from? What feeds that reservoir?

Events and Happenings for the Week

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